Big Brother After Dark

Big Brother After Dark

There are 5 people left in the house. Here is a picture of 4 of them. I am pretty sure MaCrae is lying down somewhere and couldn’t get up for the picture!
They are starting to get really squirley after being in this house and cut off from everything for almost 80 days.

They are rehashing AGAIN things Jeremy and Nick did and why they voted David out. For crying out loud, David was the 1st person voted out way back in June.

Gina’s hands are shaking. She thinks its from a tetanus shot she got from an injury.  I’m thinking not much fresh air or sunlight. Not only is she painting little ceramic animals, like pigs and cows pink with blond hair and blue eyes, but Spencer  says he actually thinks she’s talented. Trust me, she’s not. That’s just how long he has been holed up in this house.  A ten yr old can paint better than that. I laughed out loud when he said that. He was serious.

MaCrae can’t sit up or even get up the energy to shower and shave. Yawning Constantly and saying how tired he is. He told a story about a girl he was somewhat dating when he came in the house and how she is probably mad at him now. “Ya Think” He’s not too sure he wants to depend on Amanda for income when he gets out. Maybe she should move from Florida to Minnesota so he can keep his pizza delivery job and not depend on her. I swear this is the conversation he had with the guys, I swear!

Judd is a nervous wreck, walking all over the house in and out of every room. He must be out of his adderal.

Andy, Andy, Andy…He has the nerve to sit there and tell Spencer he doesn’t like certain people like Elissa because she lied to people! Is he kidding? He says he doesn’t like anyone that lied during the game. I think Andy is a sociopath! He sits there and his mouth twists and his lips curl. It’s freaky!

I do Love this show. I am going to miss my BB friends when they go home. We have become very close this year.


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