Why I ask, Why?


Kim Kardashian was just pulled over on an L.A. freeway — and it caused total pandemonium.

Law enforcement sources said, Kim was pulled over for speeding while trying to evade multiple cars driven by paparazzi

According to sources, the paps (roughly 5 cars total) had been chasing after Kim, and once she was pulled over, they jumped out of their cars IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY to snap photos of Kim in her car … resulting in tons of traffic.

We’re told a paparazzi helicopter was even hovering overhead.

Who is this person and why is she so famous that a helicopter and 5 cars would chase her on the freeway? WTF… What exactly has she done? C’mon, there are woman just as pretty that are talented too. What about Angelina? A couple of Jessica’s and a few Jennifer’s? They are all pretty!


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