Really Brandi? All Class…


Brandi Glanville certainly isn’t know to hold back (ask LeAnn Rimes) but this recent remark about Joanna Krupa came as a shock by even her standards.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star took a crude shot at The Real Housewives of Miami cast member, citing something she says she heard from Krupa’s ex.

Because there’s no better way to word it … she claims Joanna’s vadge reeks.

Brandi Glanville made the statement on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, where she was talking about Krupa’s history with a man she used to know well.

Brandi snapped, noting that Hadid told her personally that Krupa’s “p–sy smelled” and also “told Lisa [Vanderpump] so I have a witness.”

Just another day with the Real Housewives … with whom you’re never really comfortable unless there is wine being chugged and s–t being talked.

Hollywood people have strange coffee conversations….”Oh, So and So told me Joanna’s Vajayjay smells” WTF!! Are there no boundries!


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