Growing Up Italian Catholic

Good Morning! Since it is Sunday, I thought this would be an appropriate post to start off the day~! Have a relaxing day!

There is so much more to write about growing up in an Italian family. Below are some of our Religion customs as I was growing up.

Religion:Was Very important when I was growing up. I never missed mass, ever! I was so strict with myself that once when I was 7 and was unsure if I would be allowed to take communion (because I had sinned the night before.) I saw a nun outside of church and stopped her to ask “ Sister, my mother told me to dry the dishes last night and I forgot and fell asleep. Can I still receive communion?” The Nun thought about it for a moment and said ” I think it should be ok because you did not do this on purpose, correct? You did not purposely disobey your Mother did you?” I said ” No sister.” so I was given the go ahead.

Religion is very important in Italian families. When babies are baptized, huge parties are given by the  parents. It is a huge celebration as is The 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation. Confirmation is confirming that you, yourself have decided to be Catholic. We never really had a choice. It’s not like my parents said “ Ok, is this what you want?’ No, it was expected.

We had to attend Religious Classes every week. This is where we learned all about our religion. Booooring…..but we had to go. Most of my life was lived according to my religion. I would always stop and think…If you did this would you still be able to receive communion? If the answer was no, then I did not do it.

Then low and behold…my parents sent me to a Catholic High School! Oh geezzz. I became even more religious! One of the good things was that I didn’t have to go to church to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday, they gave them to us right at school! One of the bad things was that the boring religion class now became a high school credit and was a class we took more than once a week.

I will end this post with one last true story….. I went to confession one day and brought my children along with a friend of theirs. It was my turn to go into the confessional. I started with “Excuse me Father for I have sinned.” Father said “Please wait a minute” and left the confessional box to scold some loud children. He came back in and a couple of seconds later left again to scold the children. I continued my confession. I said ” I have not been very patient with my children this week.” He said ” Are those your children out there?” I said yes. He said “it is understandable my dear, you are forgiven!!!”


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