Fairness or Ratings?


The Biggest Loser Conspiracy: Ruben Studdard Insists He Was Brought Back Due to “Fairness Issues.

Ruben Studdard was eliminated again from The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night, but it doesn’t seem like Jillian Michaels will be breaking any more rules, thus resulting in the American Idol alum’s triumphant return.

When asked if he thinks Michaels breaking the rules and his return was all a ploy dreamed up by producers, Studdard shut the notion down.

“I don’t think that happened. I have no control over what people decide to do. My only concern was my health and coming back to the show, so I don’t think at all it was a conspiracy to bring me back because they were all sad that I had to leave,” he reasoned. “I don’t think they wanted me back any more or any less, it was just something that happened. And because of fairness issues, they brought me back.”

 Michaels begs to differ. After she was reprimanded on air for breaking the rules, Michaels told a follower on Twitter that they were “spot on” for suggesting it was all for ratings. However, Craig Arrington, who was eliminated after Studdard was brought back, agrees with his fellow contestant that there was no conspiracy.

“I don’t see Ruben coming back as being a ploy or anything, it was just about being fair. It just so happened to be Ruben at the time,” he said of the supposed stunt. “Ruben’s a great friend of mine, and production decided that the person that was eliminated the week before should be brought back to ensure the contest was fair to all contestants, and that’s exactly what they did.”

 I think it was a ploy to bring him back on for ratings! Michaels was ” cheating?”  yea ok.


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