Being Punished for Bad Behavior?


Kanye West and Miley Cyrus — easily the year’s most headline-grabbing pop stars — both had No. 1 albums while dominating the entertainment news cycle thanks to the eager devotees who loved to watch them run their mouths. We always knew the 411 on their personal lives to a T: a new co-Kardashian baby and engagement for West, a high-profilebreakup and highly transparent coming-of-age for Cyrus. But, while we often absolve stars of the personal transgressions we so ravenously love to hate, we’re seeing an indication that award-show voters — the theoretical arbiters of annual quality — do not. Case in point: West and Cyrus both came up short when the 2014 Grammy nominations were announced on Friday.

West, whose album’s many supporters were some of the year’s most vociferous, failed to score a coveted Album of the Year nod — something he’s racked up three times already. 

Cyrus came up empty handed, nabbing zero nominations despite easily seeming like the artist of the year, at least in terms of general pop-culture sovereignty. Her album,“Bangerz,” wasn’t released in time for the eligibility cutoff date of Sept. 30, but her two massive summer hits — “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” also the year’s most popular music videos — were forgotten. Cyrus’ musical prowess was overshadowed by her nonstop twerking and too-buzzy MTV Video Music Awards raunch-fest, so it’s unsurprising she failed to earn Song of the Year, which honors songwriting quality. But no Record of the Year for either of her No. 1 singles? No Best Pop Solo Performance? She couldn’t even get a shout-out for Best Music Video, which is where Cyrus’ star shined brightest this year.

Very surprising since both of them scored big this year! I guess behavior matters more than music. I wonder how Yeezus took this? He is the best, ya know….at everything!


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