There is a very fine line……


When did EVERYTHING about the celebrities become everybody’s business? I mean, yes, I report things about them too, but some of the things on the internet disgust me. Why should the Paparazzi be allowed to post, divorce documents, death certificates, prenups, etc. Where is the Line? Why are we entitled to that information?

These are people too. Just because they are in movies or singers or realty show characters means that we get to know EVERYTHING about them, EVERYTHING? Why? Who said? When did this start? I am appalled at what the Paparazzi will do for a photo. I, as much as anyone love to post news and gossip, but I draw the line at a death certificate or any other personal document. Celebrities are people too!

Message to the Paps….You still have to respect yourself in the morning! Don’t sink so low.

 I will have a great day and I still respect myself ( at least until the Christmas Party) Have a lovely day!


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