Kristen Johnson Diagnosed with……


She beat an addiction to alcohol, but Kristen Johnston knew that there was something seriously wrong when she found herself “almost completely unable to move.” 

After four months and 17 doctors, she learned the reason why – The Exes star has been diagnosed with “a rare autoimmune disorder.” 

Johnston, 46, says that she’s been “really, really sick” since early September, suffering from full body muscle weakness that made even walking difficult, “stairs impossible and I even need a neck brace to hold my head up.”

“Lying down I’m fine, which is great for writing or killing time on social media,” she admitted, “but it’s kind of disastrous when you’re in a sitcom that requires tons of physical comedy.”

Johnston worked as much as she could through the fall and then spent two “fun-filled weeks in November partying at The Mayo Clinic” where doctors finally diagnosed her illness, which she initially declined to identify.

“My immune system has decided to go rogue [and] attack my muscles,” she explained, adding that the good news was that she was finally on the right treatment, feeling better and was back at work.”

The actress was forced to take a two-episode break from her TV Land show, explaining that Leah Remini had been brought in for a multi-episode arc to help cover for her. 

Remini’s first episode airs Jan. 1 and Johnston writes, “You guys will laugh your asses off at her as Stuart’s sister. I promise, you won’t even miss me! (Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit?)” 

Johnston also thanked everyone at the show and TV Land for their support. “It’s true that when you’re sick, you find out who your real friends are,” she wrote.


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