A Little Reflection….



I am what you would call a cautious planner. Every part of my life is  and always has been planned for years ahead. What I have learned about “planning” is that nothing is what you ever plan or even think the future will be. I think back 20 years ago and I could NEVER think my life would be what it is today. I could think back 5 years ago and be amazed that all my future planning was for nothing because  I have changed  most of my plans. Don’t get me wrong, my planning for the future has helped me in a lot of ways, but I am ready to throw that planning out the window for 2014! I am going to live dangerously and not think about tomorrow. Only because things change so much that you really can’t plan for the future, so why not live for the day!

2013 was good to me in helping me come to this realization. Things happen and you must change the map of your path. All is good as long as you and your family are healthy and happy.  I am sure everyone agrees with me that Health is #1. If we have that, everything else will fall into place.

I wish a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous year for everyone and live a little more on the edge this year! 2014 is all about enjoyment and fun! I “plan” on planning nothing this year!


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