All About Ciliterry!


I thought this would be a good time to repost this for my new readers.

Happy New Year!


All About Me!

Hello and welcome to my very 1st blog! I have so much up to the minute knowledge about celebrities and news in general that I felt keeping it to myself was just plain WRONG! I have to do something with all this information before it takes up my entire brain and the important things like where I live or my real life start slipping away.

How the celebrities became my friends. Here is how it all started……

After 25 years as Management for a large company, where I left the house everyday and went to work with real people, I took a position as CFO of an IT company in another state which enabled me to work at home. I have been doing this for 4 years now.

I work alone so when it is time to take a break or have lunch, I have no one to talk to so I search the web. I have so many media sites I feel like they are places to go to meet my friends for drinks! Once a week I usually have lunch with Kim Kardasian trying like heck to get a glimpse of North or Teresa Guiduce to see if her and Joe are really going to jail for fraud. For those of you that don’t know…they have 39 counts against them and it DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ! They are looking at 50 years. No joke. The day I realized I knew more than I should is the day they had 10 babies and asked if you can identify their parents. I identified all ten!!! uye eye eye!!

Anyway, I thought I would condense all this knowlege for you people that have ‘real lives” and I would put it all in a blog for you to check out daily and get all the up to the minute news at one site.  What a timesaver for you celebrity junkies! I will have up to minute important news too! Who knows, I could be another Perez now that he has fathered a baby and is spending more time being a daddy. I could swoop right in! BTW, his baby is adorable!

Let me know if there is something you would like news on, I would be happy to have lunch or drinks with that person during my break one day.

So hang onto your hats!! I am going to introduce you to some of my celebrity friends and they are wild, crazy and anything but boring!Image


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