Isn’t it a Little Weird?


Demi Moore seems to have found someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

The perennial cougar was spotted on the beach in Tulum, Mexico Wednesday with a much younger, and heavily tattooed young man.

51-year-old Demi was seen kissing and nibbling her new boy toy while wearing a small black string bikini.

And 2014 appears to be off to a good start for her family life as well as her love life.  Her 25-year-old daughter Rumer was there by her mom’s side and brought along her own boyfriend, actor Jayson Blair.

I am  working to find out the identity of Demi’s new love.  At least she looks really happy with him.

Demi, Demi, Demi! I have a couple of things to say…. 1st-aren’t you embarrassed to be nibbling on your boytoy in front of your daughter? 2nd You seem to like them even younger than before! Didn’t you learn your lesson with Ashton? Whether you like it or not….You ARE 51 years old and acting like you aren’t isn’t going to change it! Time to grow up!


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