Outdated! Keep Up with the Slurs!


Evander Holyfield’s rant against homosexuality pissed off the former “Big Brother” star who once cornered the market on homophobic comments — Aaryn Gries … who tells us the boxer is an idiot.

Gries may have called a gay guy “queer” — and true enough she mocked African Americans and Asians — but Aaryn says her comments pale in comparison to what Evander said on “Celebrity BB” … claiming homosexuality is like a physical handicap which can be cured by a doctor.

Aaryn says, “I know I said mean things, but at least I’m not ignorant enough to think that homosexuality is treatable. Seeing homosexuality as a sickness is outdated.”

Because mocking a black girl to incite a fight is much more current.

She should just stop talking forever!


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