Dean Wants a Divorce!


“Dean wants a divorce and has for some time, but Tori is holding on for the sake of her business and her public image,” a friend of the couplesaid. “Her heart is breaking, and she is at a loss for what to do.

Tori Spelling Remains Mum On Dean McDermott Cheating Rumors

So while Dean is allegedly letting go of their marriage, Tori itrying extremely hard to make it work and stay strong for their four kids. Emily Goodhand, the woman who came forward and claimed she had slept with Dean, said that he had told her Tori wouldn’t have sex with him.

“Tori tells her friends that Dean is a sex maniac and constantly wants to have sex with her,”. “But Dean, who does love sex, has shared with a friend that he doesn’t want to have sex with Tori. They have not been intimate for more than a year and that alone has torn her up completely.”

Tori’s brave face only goes so far — she’s actually extremely scared of divorcing Dean.

“Tori is terrified of a divorce. She still wants to believe that Dean didn’t cheat on her but it’s becoming impossible for her to live in denial anymore — but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave him.

Tori doesn’t want to be single, but can’t even look at him any more.

“She’s so angry and hurt, she can’t stand to look at him but she’s terrified of a divorce. The idea of a custody battle literally makes her sick to her stomach, and she’s terrified of being single. Dean is her prince charming, or he was. Her world is shattered right now, its so sad,”.

I’m sure she is terrified of raising 4 young babies by herself! He left his 1st wife and son for you Tori, what did you think would happen?


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