Another Teen Baby!


Aleah Lebeouf showed off a photo her adorable newborn baby girl, Peyton, who we will be seeing a lot more of on our television screens soon enough — she’s reportedly set to star on the new season of 16 & Pregnant! Get all the details on the birth and her season before the show, right here!

You may not know all about Aleah Lebeouf just yet, but soon she you will reportedly see her on the hit MTV series 16 & Pregnant‘s upcoming 5th season. The Missouri native gave birth to baby girl Peyton over Christmas 2013, three weeks before her due date.

The new mom also calls boyfriend Shawn Burke‘s son, Noah, her own. Even though Aleah and Noah’s mother don’t get along, Aleah and Noah have a great relationship. “Being teen parents of 2 is hard, but Noah has made it much easier by being an amazing big brother. He will forever be my first baby,” she posted on her Twitter.

The now 18-year-old is prepared for her second child. Before she gave birth, she made sure to get her GED. She even decided to enroll in some college courses. “She’s a special kind of person” a source said.. “I asked her why she did the show and she told me that she [wanted] to let people know how hard it is to be a teen step parent and be pregnant with your own child.”

I watched a Dr. Phil episode where some of these teens are getting pregnant so they could be on this show. I’m sure it’s not helping the teen pregnancy situation. After the show, they have 20 years to raise and support these babies!

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