Cocaine found in Bieber’s house


Justin Bieber is still a free man. For now.

Lieutenant Dave Thompson of the LA County Sheriff’s Department announced in a news conference late Tuesday morning that while Justin Bieber is not under arrest in his felony vandalism case, he also isn’t in the clear yet.

Thompson said that his detectives collected evidence from Bieber’s home but would not elaborate on what they took. He did say that surveillance tape was one of the many things they were looking for.

Bieber and his security team were said to have been cooperative, but that Bieber wasn’t formally questioned about the egg-throwing incident Tuesday morning other than routine questions as to who was present at the house when the warrant was served.

The 19-year-old singer was not arrested, but a “male adult guest” believed to be Bieber’s pal Lil Za was taken into custody for felony drug possession. According to Thompson, that man had cocaine openly in his possession when deputies arrived.

The next step is for the Sheriff’s department to analyze the evidence they seized, in which they will then forward to the DA’s office for them to either charge Bieber or exonerate him.

utoh little Biebs!!!!

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