Life is not so good these days……


Beyonce’s dad is rolling in money problems — on the heels of accusations he’s a deadbeat dad … he’s being sued, ironically, by a company that used to handle his cash.

According to legal docs … a credit bureau is trying to collect $64,587.14 from Mathew Knowles — money it claims he owed to an accounting firm he hired.

The firm handles finances for high-end entertainers and athletes — a world MK used to run in back when he was Beyonce’s manager.

Of course those days are long gone, and Mathew’s finances took a nose dive when Bey dumped him in 2011.

Mathew was sued by his baby mama Alexsandra Wright last month for $24K in back child support — but he claims he was the victim of a clerical error and is actually paid up.

I believe “To the Left, To the Left” was about him and his cheating ways. I’ve said it before, but I love to say it so I’ll say it again……”Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.”


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