When Was She Mother of the Year?


Kate Gosselin brought twins Mady and Cara, 13, on the Today show so they could tell the world how well-adjusted they are, but the whole thing blew up in Kate’s face when the girls fell silent and didn’t stick to the script. Unfortunately Kate handled the situation in the worst possible way. ”A parent’s job is to protect their child,” not to “pressure” them, Dr. David Gottesfeld, a clinical psychologist for children and adolescents, says.

Kate’s parenting priorities seemed totally out of whack during the interview.

The girls were clearly nervous, it seemed as though they forgot what they were supposed to say. But a parent’s job is to protect their child and if your child is on TV and uncomfortable then she should have assured them or stopped the interview,” Dr. Gottesfeld says. “Mom had an agenda to get her message across and she was using her kids to do that.”

And when the girls didn’t meet Kate’s expectations, she made things even worse for them.

“If this was a normal situation, what you do is reassure them or take the pressure off them but Kate kept pushing them to say what had been practiced,” Dr. Gottesfeld says. “As 13-year-old kids, they’re in a bind there — on one hand they want to please mom, on the other hand they might not agree with what mom is saying. You see kids who wanted to please her or unconsciously had an issue with being on there.”

Geeezzzz and she is such a good mother! NOT! They probably forgot their lines that she wanted them to say!


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