Everything is not very Ducky!


Did the whole Phil Robertson homophobic remarks controversy hurt Duck Dynasty‘s ratings?

The audience for the popular A&E show’s season five debut was off a dramatic 28 percent from it’s season four debut.

Their January 15 kickoff attracted 8.5 million viewers. A respectable number but far off their record breaking fourth season premiere’s ratings of 11.8 million viewers.

And to make matters worse, the coveted 18-49 demographic was off by a third, attracting just over four million fans.

It’s unclear if the controversy surrounding family patriarch Phil comparing being gay to bestiality last month is to blame for the huge drop in ratings, but whatever the reason it has to be troubling news for the network’s execs.

Can you hear us now? Go ahead everyone…walk off the show, see what happens now. I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion about everything. I rarely take a stance unless it is hurting someone, like violence. What I do mind is people putting it out there what their opinion is and think it is the  only right opinion, and they don’t care whose feelings they hurt. How is that the right way to do things?

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