One of My Favs!


Flowers in the Attic is the rare Lifetime movie (it airs Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/PT) that can’t simply be written off as a Lifetime movie. It’s so pure and perverse an example of American Gothic, I felt compelled to read the original VC Andrews novel to try and comprehend what sort of imagination could hatch such a nutty story – a fairy tale, really, that somehow combines Hansel and Gretel and The Blue Lagoon. In Virginia horse country. 

Flowers, both the book and the new movie, is completely absurd – if you want to gauge the absurdity, just know that one of the darkest secrets in the narrative involves a doughnut – but somehow also psychologically coherent. It has a grip. 

So, props to VC Andrews, who died in 1986, even if I’m not going to go anywhere near the book’s sequels. And also to director Deborah Chow, who keeps this adaptation at a seductive, dreamy remove from anything that might be mistaken for reality. (I haven’t seen the 1987 movie, a cult flop that features the signature line, “Eat the cookie!!!”) 

The original was one of my favorite movies! Don’t miss this!


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