She Won’t be Around Much Longer!


Yikes — family man Juan Pablo probably won’t be too thrilled when he finds out that Elisa starred in a soft core porno back in 2005! The Christmas-themed video isn’t particularly graphic — it includes no nudity — but its racy content is sure to warm up many cold nights for lonely holiday viewers.

The video, which is appropriately titled Yule Log Hotties, is 65 minutes long, but Elise doesn’t make her appearance until the final 13 minutes. Still, she makes her screen time memorable — Elise wears red and green lingerie, and is covered in plenty of body glitter. She and her co-stars are shown eating marshmallows, playing cards and drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage… before things get a little naughty, of course.
To make matters worse, Elise already had an embarrassing “situation” on her hands before the video was leaked. Before being a contestant onThe Bachelor, Elise used to chase Jersey Shorestar Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino. Elise claims that she discovered Mike before he was famous; when she worked on the auditions for the show back in 2008.

Does Juan-Pablo have anything to worry about when it comes to Elisa? We don’t think so, but he might not be too happy about getting The Situation’s sloppy seconds. Elise was reportedly one of The Situation’s “booty calls” over the years, though who honestly knows — we all know the Sitch loves to brag!

ummmm….Not really mommy material! See Ya!


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