This is What Italians do…

Italians DO NOT like Olive Garden

Real Italians will never order meatballs in a restaurant.


Italians make everything with macaroni……Peas & Mac, Beans & Mac, Broccoli & Mac, Zucchini and Mac….you get the idea.

Italians are ONLY Catholic, even if the priests are pediphiles. We do not go to church with those scumbags, but continue to practice the religion we were raised in. 

Italians show respect to friends and family even if they don’t like them.

Italians are having a hard time cooking for the new generation that doesn’t eat meat, dairy, gluten- WTF! What do we cook? Hummus- Oh dear.


Family is EVERYTHING! You have to be loyal to your family or you are thrown out of the family!

If a family member has a problem, everyone gets involved to help solve it! Thanks for all the help with my anal fischer family!

Italians are not afraid of confrontation, they rather enjoy it. It is invigorating- reminds us of the fond memories we have of our childhood. Family fighting on Sundays.

I am proud to be Italian!


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