Who is Yolanda Talking about?


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills certainly were Monday night, as the ladies got into a boxing ring to learn self-defense while Brandi Glanville took the gloves off with her own father. 

“I love that man like crazy,” Glanville, 40, said of her father, whom she had upset by wearing a very revealing Oscar dress and also referencing his days as a hippie in her memoir Drinking and Tweeting. “I said he was a drug dealer. He was a marijuana grower.” 

Continued Glanville: “I haven’t talked to him in months. He won’t even answer my texts.” 

But she got the chance when her father and family attended a book signing at a gay pride event in her hometown of Sacramento, where Glanville was the featured speaker. 

“I’ve never seen Brandi this vulnerable and nervous,” said Yolanda Foster, who accompanied Glanville and served as mediator, therapist and friend. 

Glanville, 40, had the crowd wish her father, Guy, happy birthday and shared the story of how her parents invited the son of their best friends to move into their home after he came out and was kicked out of his family’s house.

“She’s a good girl,” Foster, 49, told Glanville’s father. “You should be proud of her.”

Wellll….I dont know about the word “Good Girl” and “Proud”. Yolanda are you talking about Brandi Glanville?

Fun Fact….. The Oscar Dress incident…..Brandi had the dress cleaned and when she arrived at the awards show and changed into it, it didn’t fit and she had nothing else to wear. She knew she looked ridiculous, but that’s Brandi.


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