This Kid has Real Problems…..


Jenelle Evans has gotten sober off of heroin, but she has developed a whole new slew of major issues: including unexpectedly getting pregnant again, and ditching two toxic relationships. She leans on her mom to help her make some hefty decisions, including getting an abortion and trying to get her life back on track.

Jenelle has just ended her relationship with Courtland Rogers, who she married “on a whim” after ending things with boyfriend Kieffer Delp. During her attempts to get sober, she moved into her mom Barbara‘s house, where her son Jace lives. Jenelle reveals she regrets marrying Courtland and is mad at herself for not thinking things through with him, but then drops a major bombshell: she is pregnant with his baby, and regrets not making Courtland use a condom. Jenelle explains that it wouldn’t be fair to Jace to have another baby when she doesn’t even have custody of him, and she doesn’t have a job or a home of her own. She tells her friend she has made up her mind to have an abortion. Jenelle is happy that her mom is so supportive of her decision, and Babs even takes her to the clinic for the abortion. Jenelle is worried about how she will feel physically and emotionally after the abortion pill, but Babs assures her she will cope since she is making the decision on her own.

She has been through a lot in her young life..Marriage, baby, abortion, drugs, geeezzzz.


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