This was a REAL Pot- Luck Dinner…….


There was a lot of pot and very little luck for a group of elementary-school teachers who showed up for an after-hours get-together in Benicia, Calif.

Police arrested Teresa Gilmete Badger on Friday and accused her of poisoning her colleagues after attending the event with food that contained marijuana.

According to authorities, employees of Matthew Turner Elementary School enjoyed an evening at a private residence on Nov. 21, where everyone was invited to bring a dish of food to share.

But clearly, sharing was not caring as, hours later, several attendees – and one juvenile who consumed the leftovers – started feeling sick with symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Eventually, two teachers were treated at the hospital.

After complaining of chest pains, one victim underwent blood tests and doctors discovered THC in her system, the main ingredient in marijuana.

Following an almost two-month-long police investigation, elementary-school teacher Badger, 47, was charged with suspicion of willingly mingling a poison or harmful substance with food, a felony, and is now being held at the Solanco County Jail on a $15,000 bail.

What was she thinking and Why did she do it? Maybe she pulled something out of the freezer and it was the wrong  casserole. WTF!


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