Reality Shows LOVE Them!


Will the second time again be the charm for Rachel Reilly? 

It took two tries for Reilly to win Big Brother, and now, after coming up short on The Amazing Race in 2012, Reilly and husband Brendon Villegas are getting another chance at racing around the world on the new all-star edition of the CBS reality show. 

“We were ecstatic to be asked back,” Reilly says.. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that we have been lucky enough to do twice!”

The first time Reilly and Villegas – known to their fans as “Brenchel” – competed on The Amazing Race, their constant bickering wore on them, and they came in third after misreading a clue on the final leg of the race.

“This time we knew we had to put our emotions aside and focus on the game,” says Reilly. “We want to win the million dollars so we can start a family.”

Every show they are on makes sure to invite them back!  I think it’s because they are real and not phony so we can all identify with them.

Oh, so they need to win the million to start a family? Yeah, good thing I didn’t feel that way or my kids wouldn’t be here!

Try getting a normal job. How long do you think you are going to be on reality shows?


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