She’s Got A Good Thing Going on Here…..


Reality TV can pull you out of bankruptcy and get you a $3 million house next to Justin Bieber … all in 6 MONTHS … and Toni Braxton’s living proof.

Toni — whose reality show “Braxton Family Values” is already on its third season — just purchased a mansion for close to $3 million in Calabasas’ exclusive gated community The Oaks … just a few houses down from Justin.

The house is 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and measures 5,323 sq. ft.

Technically, it’s the smallest house in the neighborhood … but still, not too bad for someone who was dead ass broke less than a year ago.

Toni’s real estate purchase has to sting for her old creditors — as we reported, when Braxton filed for bankruptcy in 2010 (for the second time) she claimed debts as high as $50,000,000 … and only ended up repaying a tiny fraction of that before the debts were cleared entirely.

Only in America …

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