Poor Taylor! Take Your Millions and Run!


Taylor Swift seemed to enjoy herself at The Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, but she’s not thrilled about all of the negative attention she’s been receiving after she mistakenly thought she won the award for Album of the Year. In fact, the singer is “upset.”. Poor Taylor!

Taylor is known for dancing and having fun at awards shows, but after what happened at the 2014 Grammy Awards, maybe she’ll be a little less enthusiastic next time.

“Taylor can take the good, but really can’t take the bad. She loves dancing during shows and she knows the cameras will be on her.”

We love those moments when the camera cuts to her — she looks adorable when she dances!

“She was genuinely surprised [about what happened]. And afterwards when everyone gave her flack for it, she got upset,”  “Not tears or sad upset, more like not taking it for the funny moment it was.

Poor Taylor. I think she should stay home from awards shows! 1st she has been mocked for years for her surprise face. Now for her “mistakenly thought she won face”, her dancing in the audience and who can forget when Kanye took the award right out of her hand and said Beyonce should have won!


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