My Darn Kids…..


 I am Italian! By now everyone knows that. My adult kids read my blog and will text me and say things like ” I don’t remember having sauce 3 times a week.” or “I never saw plastic on Nana’s furniture.” Look at that face in this picture. That is an Italian face!

 Below is a letter to my children….

Dear Children,

Your Mother is 100% Italian. I do not THINK I am Italian, I am Italian. The reason you don’t remember some of these things I write in my blog is because they are memories of  my childhood and guess what? You weren’t there. I  really was a kid ya know.

We, meaning my mother, grandmother, brothers and sister, had sauce 3 times a week.  Not We, my kids and I.

When I was 10, I vividly remember my mother having plastic on her formal living room furniture!  She took it off when we had company. Again, I am pretty sure you weren’t there.

My mother only bought Italian bread. Yes, you kids had other bread. If you read by blog correctly, you will see that when I was 18, I was introduced to other breads so you children had other breads when you were little. Not me, I only had Italian. I also only had Italian cookies. Not you kids….you enjoyed all kinds of cookies, but I only had Italian. We were also very Religious in my house and that I did carry onto my life with you kids so you can’t dispute that.

Haha, I think it is so funny that you think I was born 20 years old and everything I write is after you guys were born. I had a life before you and that is what I am writing about. Pay attention, you can learn some interesting things about how “I grew up Italian!”

Love you guys! LBR

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  1. You really have a way with words Mommy

  2. That polish sausage you made for last Christmas was delicious!! 🙂

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