Jon Cryer’s Ex Shut Down By Judge!


Jon Cryer proved his ex-wife was delusional when she claimed he made $2 million a month from “Two and a Half Men.”  Fact is … he made way less than half that amount.

Jon submitted legal docs objecting to Sarah Trigger’s petition to up her child support from $8,000 to $88,000 a month … arguing the kid was humiliated at his fancy private school because he couldn’t keep up with the Kardashians.

The judge shut Sarah down … in part because Jon submitted an income declaration showing he earns $758,449 a month — $600K is from the show, and the rest is from investments and such.

And this is interesting.  Jon also listed his expenses.  He shells out $7,700 in entertainment, $3,800 in car expenses, $1,000 in groceries, $3,300 for child care and $4,000 for tuition … and those are MONTHLY expenses.  $4 grand a month for tuition … sheesh.

Now get this … Jon doesn’t eat out a lot.  Total monthly expense — $44.

I’m not too sure about this…… He only makes about 250,000 an episode? I think he is more valuable than that!

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