Not Your Problem Tori….


Poor Tori! She’s worried that Dean allegedly cheated on her because she ‘let herself go too much,’ so she’s planning a full-body makeover to wow her wayward husband once he leaves rehab.

Oh no! Tori Spelling is blaming herself for Dean McDermott‘s alleged affair. Even though Dean swears he “still loves her and thinks she’s hot,” Tori is convinced that her lack of sex appeal is what lead him to stray. Now she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he stays faithful after he completes his stint in rehab.

Tori has been so busy being a mom to her four young children with Dean that she hasn’t had much time to keep the spark in their marriage alive. And while Tori knows that Dean is responsible for his actions, she wants to do her part to keep her hubby happy.

 “Tori’s all over the place, she’s sad, she’s angry, she’s blaming Dean but also herself.” . “Dean has told her that this has nothing to do with her, that he still loves her and thinks she’s hot, but she’s questioning everything. Her self-esteem is shattered. She doesn’t spend money on herself these days, it’s all for the kids, but she’s talking about getting a major makeover.”

Yes, It is all your fault Tori! You are busy taking care of yours and Dean’s 4 very young Children and may have let yourself go a little so your husband cheated on you! I just puked in my mouth a little.

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