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I didn’t know!


Big Brother” contestant Aaryn Gries is finally coming clean, admitting she talks like a racist … but she insists it doesn’t make her one.

Aaron Gries  says she’s been making racial jokes for years  … but had no idea they were offensive because “no one had expressed that I was taken that way.”

Gries says she wishes someone had warned her before going into the BB house …  that making these “jokes” on national TV would paint her as a big ol’ racist.

“I am not a racist,” she says, adding, “Sometimes you can say mindless things that will haunt you.”

Aaron, I am impressed. I have never met such a small mind inside a big head before!


More Big Brother News!


During the taping of Big Brother, Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire were accused of having a showmance — a romance just for the show.

The former couple was at a Wrap Party for Big Brother at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood and “Jeremy said he’s not with Kaitlin anymore. They live in two separate states. It was just a showmance.”

They both were at the event, but an insider says they weren’t talking to each other all night.

They were joined by Judd Daugherty, David Girton, Elissa Slater and her sister, Big Brother All Star Rachel Reilly, who hosted the party.

Judd and Jeremy — who are both straight– were shocked when they found out they were in a gay bar. Kaitlin also revealed that she doesn’t talk to Aaryn Gries anymore. We’re also told that some of the reality stars from year’s past weren’t allowed into the VIP room.

It seems the CBS cameras missed an opportunity for even more drama.

I tried to tell everyone that Jeremy and Kaitlin’s romance was fake!  She was just not into him.  Kaitlin didn’t like Jeremy at all. I could tell on the show. I could tell.I also don’t think MacCrae is as into Amanda as she is to him.

Big Brother is still news Worthy! I LOVE that show!

All 3 finalist +Aaron were fired from their jobs!


Way to kill the excitement!

Andy, the winner, came under hot water for violent remarks he made about Elissa. It was discovered earlier this week that he was let go from his teaching position at the college of DuPage in Chicago. He just have learned of this since the finale. He feels bad if he offended anyone especially Elissa.

If I remember right, he couldn’t stand Elissa, now he especially didn’t want to offend her? Haha Andy, she won the 25k, that you were so afraid she would win!

Aaron- Could Care less… here is what she had to say...”To be honest with you it wasn’t that great of an agency anyway and I have six meetings with six new agencies tomorrow, so it’s a better step.”

GM- Here are some of GinaMarie’s more offensive remarks. She refers to welfare as “nigger insurance,” stating that she wanted to punch Helen, an Asian contestant, in the face to “uncross her eyes,” and opining about the ethnicity of contestant Elissa’s 8-year-old son upon seeing a picture of him, saying he looked like “a Puerto Rican dirt monkey.” GM says “She feels like she was stabbed in the heart!”

Gina, if you were twice as smart, you’d still be stupid!”

Spencer-apologized for his offensive comments and says his union’s fighting to keep his job at Union Pacific Railroad alive.

Go cry over fake Marilyn, Spencer!

Julie Never had a nose Job! HUH?


Julie Chen insists she never had any other work done except her eyes! Not even her teeth.

She said her nose looks different because of the way they do her makeup. Without makeup, her nose looks like this picture. It is true.

I would like a you tube video on how to put makeup on to fix my features the way I like them. I know Oprah is two different people with and without makeup! Applied correctly, makeup could be a miracle!

Big Brother Finale!


OK I purposely waited a day to comment on Big Brother for all of the people that dvr’d it. You must have all watched it by now!

**It was no shock that Gina Marie won the 1st HOH competition. She is a champ when it comes to endurance. It was also equally not a shock that Spencer lost the 2nd HOH competition. He is not a physical competitor. No surprises here.

Andy is definitely the winner in any non physical competition against Gina Marie so not really a surprise here either for HOH.

The Big surprise for me is that Andy did not pick Spencer to be with him at the end. Apparently he did the right thing, but would anyone have voted for Spencer? I did think Gina would get more than 2 votes. I wanted to cry  during the Q & A period. Every time she opened her mouth some idiot started talking. I knew right there she lost. Did she ” Bribe” the Jurors? Her Brooklyn Italian seeped out. I thought for sure Andy made a mistake in not taking Spencer. I think he didn’t think he deserved the 50k, but GM did. That is something to think about if it will not spoil your chances of winning.

**Spencer looked shocked and mad to me, I don’t care what he said to Julie. I was very surprised he voted for Andy.

**Jeremy looked pretty humbled. He went home and saw what an ass he made of himself on National TV, I’m sure.

** Elissa put on her joker face for the night.

** What the heck was that outfit Andy was wearing? He looked like a nursery rhyme character.

So long Big Brother, I will miss you , but I am pretty sure I will be reporting more stories about what is happening now that They are out of the house. Don’t forget, they are JUST learning about losing their jobs. Stayed Tuned!

Big Brother Finale


Don’t forget about the end to our Big Brother Season! Tonight at 9:30!! 8;30 Central Time.

At this point, I don’t like any of them, but I hope Andy doesn’t win!

Big Brother

                                  Who do you want to win Big Brother?

                                         Who do you want to come in 2nd for 50k?

                                                  Who do you want to win America’s Favorite?

Big Brother

Haha, I have to tell you what is going on  in ” After Dark”  now that there are only 3 left in the house. I only continued to watch it so I can report this to my fellow readers. I took one for the team! This is the truth, I kid you not!

The 1st 30 minutes we watched Gina Marie play solitaire. She was in a room by herself and there was no talking at all. No, of course she didn’t win.  No talking at all, watching her play for 30 minutes!!! Then we moved onto Spencer…

Spencer was in the bedroom reading a letter from Marilyn and crying. She referenced his nephews in the letter and how much they have grown and he felt the need to tell us this too thru all his sniffling. Also what his brothers names were and their wives and how many kids they had, how many dogs,  dogs names Ughhhh! Sorry, I lost it for a minute!

Back to Gina Marie- now she is just sitting in the room by herself, just sitting there. 10 minutes of just looking at her sitting.

They didn’t show Andy doing anything. 

Then they moved to the competitions so this is where I sign off because I am not a spoiler!

Breaking News!


Big Brother” star Britney Haynes — who competed on the show in 2010 and 2012 — has revealed her 2-month-old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer.

The 27-year-old reality star, along with her husband Ryan Godwin, broke the news on Facebook … writing, “On September 1st, we were among the daily 720 sets of parents to be absolutely devastated with a Childhood Cancer diagnosis.”

Britney’s daughter, Tilly, was born on July 13.

Haynes continued, “Please take the time to pray for all these children, our sweet baby included. We appreciate each and every one.”

Over the weekend, Britney tweeted a photo of Tilly — writing, “Thank you for all of the thoughts, wishes, and prayers for my precious girl. She’s everything to me.”

Big Brother


As obsessed as I am with BB, I realized the other day that I really don’t care for any of the people in the house this year. The realization came when someone asked me who I wanted to win America’s Favorite. I couldn’t answer. Now if you ask me who I want to win the 500k, I can’t answer that either.

Let’s talk about this a little…. You know I love to talk about BB.

Final 3-

Andy– He lied and backstabbed the entire game. To me he played a dirty game.

Spencer– Biggest floater there is. Does not deserve to won. He’s not even a floater, i think he drowned.

Gina Marie- If I was forced to pick I would pick her, but I can’t forget some of the horrible things she said to Candice. She crossed the line as far as I am concerned. She’s also not very bright. I have to stop saying ” how strupid can she be?” I think she’s taking that as a challenge!

MacCrae– He only made it as far as he did because he had Amanda and Amanda also lost him the game. He really didn’t pay attention like he should have. I have no idea if he would have made it all the way or been out sooner without her. I don’t really know what his game was.

Elissa I have a feeling, we only saw bits and pieces of Elissa because there has to be a reason every single person in that house disliked her.

Amanda– Mean girl, bully, Beeaatch all rolled into one. Amanda The last time I saw something like you- I flushed it!

Judd– I would never pick Judd because I have no idea what he said half the time!

Aaron Another mean girl and she played everyone’s game for them without playing her own. Is your middle name Maple Syrup? It should be you sap!

Candice She had no game. Not sure what she was doing. I think she thought she was on vacation.

HelenI liked Helen in the beginning, but she seemed to bully people into playing HER game.

JesseI’m not saying she’s a slut, but if her vagarina had a password, it would be 1234

The others are insignificant.

Big Brother After Dark


Here’s what’s happening on BB after dark this week…

Gina Marie tells Spencer she never knew San Francisco was in California. She was shocked! ( WTF, how has she made it this far?)

MacCrae is avoiding Judd because Judd is demanding that he vote for him even after that crazy speech he made to MacCrae at the veto meeting.

Spencer is taking all kinds of HOH pictures like he is a celebrity or something because he won HOH.  Dude you only beat out 4 people!

Judd is throwing tantrums and begging everyone to vote for him. He seems very agitated.

Andy is sitting there with his eyes getting watery with tears and his mouth twisting as usual. Cry Baby, mouth twister!

Her’s another picture of MacCrae to prove that he is always lying down. I kid you not! Something is wrong with this guy!


Big Brother After Dark

Big Brother After Dark

There are 5 people left in the house. Here is a picture of 4 of them. I am pretty sure MaCrae is lying down somewhere and couldn’t get up for the picture!
They are starting to get really squirley after being in this house and cut off from everything for almost 80 days.

They are rehashing AGAIN things Jeremy and Nick did and why they voted David out. For crying out loud, David was the 1st person voted out way back in June.

Gina’s hands are shaking. She thinks its from a tetanus shot she got from an injury.  I’m thinking not much fresh air or sunlight. Not only is she painting little ceramic animals, like pigs and cows pink with blond hair and blue eyes, but Spencer  says he actually thinks she’s talented. Trust me, she’s not. That’s just how long he has been holed up in this house.  A ten yr old can paint better than that. I laughed out loud when he said that. He was serious.

MaCrae can’t sit up or even get up the energy to shower and shave. Yawning Constantly and saying how tired he is. He told a story about a girl he was somewhat dating when he came in the house and how she is probably mad at him now. “Ya Think” He’s not too sure he wants to depend on Amanda for income when he gets out. Maybe she should move from Florida to Minnesota so he can keep his pizza delivery job and not depend on her. I swear this is the conversation he had with the guys, I swear!

Judd is a nervous wreck, walking all over the house in and out of every room. He must be out of his adderal.

Andy, Andy, Andy…He has the nerve to sit there and tell Spencer he doesn’t like certain people like Elissa because she lied to people! Is he kidding? He says he doesn’t like anyone that lied during the game. I think Andy is a sociopath! He sits there and his mouth twists and his lips curl. It’s freaky!

I do Love this show. I am going to miss my BB friends when they go home. We have become very close this year.

MaCrae on Big Brother

Macrae on Big Brother

I watch after dark. ( because I am obsessed with BB) and MaCrae is ALWAYS lying down and yawning! I am not exaggerating. ALWAYS. I wonder if he could sit in an upright position for more than 5 minutes. For crying out loud… the kid is 24 years old!! He better get a check up from the Dr. when he leaves the BB house. Somethings not right.

Also I laugh everytime I hear him say yeeaahh, in a slow drawn out way.( which is just about the only thing he says) He used to be my favorite in the very beginning, but I have no tolerance for dirty, lazy people. Take a shower and do something…anything!

People, do not wonder any more why he is a pizza delivery boy.

Big Brother


Who would have thought?

When this season’s Big Brother started, I laughed at how crazy Gina Marie was. She cried for weeks over a guy that showed her absolutely no interest and that she only knew for two weeks. Actually she cried longer than she knew Nick! There are so many goofy moments and dumb things she said throughout this season, it would be impossible for me to list them all.

I can’t believe she is still on the show!!!!! Worse than that….I pick her out of all that is left to win! Why, because she really has been playing  by herself, she is a fierce competitor, no one can say she has floated through this game. The most important thing is…..she is a straight shooter. She keeps her word and tells you the truth. Not like that weasel, cry baby, Andy. I admired her for keeping her word to Elissa. The most important reason I want her to win is because she was the only one to make the ” Big ” move by nominating Amanda and MaCrae ( what kind of name is MaCrae anyway?) Also she says her boobs are real. Why is that important? Because I am sure she is the only one in that house this season that had real boobs!

Andy is a backstabber-Bigtime! Spencer is a floater. ( Big deal he won HOH out of 4 people) and Judd….He’s just not going to win.

Go GM and Go NY!



This is Spencer ALL Night on BB after Dark.

Get A freakin tissue will ya!

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