Kidnapped Baby!


A woman who pretended to be pregnant stole her half-sister’s newborn son from a Wisconsin home and left him in a storage crate outside an Iowa gas station in frigid temperatures as police closed in, according to court documents filed Friday. 

Federal prosecutors in Madison charged Kristen Smith of Denver with kidnapping Friday afternoon, hours after an Iowa police chief miraculously discovered Kayden Powell, who is nearly a week old, alive and well in the plastic storage crate that morning. Police found a prosthetic pregnancy belly in Smith’s car along with baby clothes, a car seat and a stroller, but no sign of Kayden, according to the affidavit. 

The discovery of the infant shortly after 10 a.m. Friday capped a frantic search that involved scores of police officers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. 

Thank God that baby was still alive!


Good Morning!


Surprising Celebrity Connections…



By now, we all know that actress Kyra Sedgwick was the cousin once removed of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s muse and Factory girl who met a tragic early death at age 28. The Sedgwicks came from a long line of distinguished people, including Judge Theodore Sedgwick and Ellery Sedgwick, owner and editor of The Atlantic Monthly.

Did You Know She Appeared Nude?


Reese Witherspoon in ‘Twilight’

In 1998, the Academy Award winner went topless in the thriller “Twilight.” But since becoming a mom, she says that nudity is probably off the table for her.

“I’ve always been choosing roles knowing that I have a daughter and I have a responsibility to her and to the world to be representing women of strength,”

Celebrities Real Names….


Lorde/Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor


P!ink/Alecia Moore

Change it Up!


Get out of your comfort zone today! Think out of the box! Maybe sneak a peek at my blog when you are working, heehee.

Goodbye Jay, Hello Jimmy!


Ladies and gentlemen, the chin has left the building. Late-night legend Jay Leno hosted his final episode of The Tonight Show on Feb. 6, vacating a position he’s held — on and off — since May 1992. It was a bittersweet hour, full of jokes and reflections, as Jay looked back on his incredible career.

Jimmy is the only person that can replace Jay!

Like Brothers….


Derek Hough and Mark Ballas bought a house together. Ok all at once….awwwww
The “Dancing with the Stars” pros — who also happen to be BFFAEs — just went halfsies on a quaint little place in the Hollywood Hills.

Official documents show … the best buds each threw in on the $1.275 mil home … which comes equipped with a massive closet, fabulous kitchen and a spa bath that could easily fit two.

The master bathroom even contains his and his sinks.

Congrats fellas.

They are more like brothers than best friends. They have been together since they were children. Derek even lived with Mark’ and his parents when he was learning how to dance.

Couples Who Divorced After Appearing on Reality TV Together…


Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight met on The Surreal Life, and continued their romance and eventual marriage on My Fair Brady. They divorced in 2012.

Surprising Celebrity Connections…



Joan Cusack and her brother, John.

Wow! That’s a Surprise!


Justin Bieber is scoffing at Selena Gomez, telling friends she has no one to blame but herself for her addictions …

… Bieber and his friends are laughing at Selena’s “bad influence” claims, because they say she’s always the drunk at the party.  Bieber acknowledges he gets wasted, but whenever he had parties Selena was downright competitive … smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them.  They say she was also HEAVY into booze.

We’re told Justin believes Selena’s parents are behind the blame game, because they HATE him.  He thinks they are fueling Selena’s anger and making him a scapegoat.

Justin says he’s happy he’s no longer with Selena because she’s just too high maintenance … and out of control.

You never know what’s REALLY going on behind closed doors! 

A Health Tip from the TV show “The Doctors.”

Eat four walnuts a day. An Italian study found that eating just a few walnuts a day may significantly increase your blood levels of essential fatty acids and reduce your risk of stroke. Increasing your intake of walnuts can improve the function of your blood vessels, reduce your LDL (“bad” cholesterol) levels, and relieve systemic inflammation. Be sure to choose raw and unsalted, and try to find organic.

I never knew this! Let’s all eat a few Walnuts today!

Dylan speaks out!


It was a letter she wished she never had to write, about something she says she wished had never happened.

Dylan Farrow says it took all the courage she had to finally pen the emotional open letter she sent to the New York Times detailing her claim that her adoptive father, Woody Allen, had sexually molested her as a child. 

“It took all of my strength and all of my emotional fortitude to do what I did this week in the hope that it would put the truth out there,” says Dylan, 28, now a happily married writer. “That is my only ammunition. I don’t have money or publicists or limos or fancy apartments in Manhattan. All I have is the truth and that is all I put out there.”

Dylan says she knew she would be taking on one of the most powerful and esteemed forces in Hollywood. Indeed, some of Allen’s defenders claim she wrote the letter – during awards season, no less – to sabotage her father, whose film Blue Jasmine is nominated for three Oscars. Others have said she wrote it to vindicate her mother. (Mia did not see the piece before it ran, a family friend says.)

“I’ve been hearing that a lot,” says Dylan. “I’m happy to answer that. My intention in writing that piece was to put the truth on paper from a voice that was not able to speak before.”

“People are saying that I am not actually remembering what I remember. People are saying that my ‘evil mother’ brainwashed me because they refuse to believe that my sick, evil father would ever molest me, because we live in this society where victim blaming and inexcusable behavior – this taboo against shaming the famous at the expense of their victims – is accepted and excused.”

Her Turning Point

A turning point for her came on Jan. 12, the night of the Golden Globes, when Woody Allen received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, which his longtime friend, Diane Keaton, accepted on his behalf. 

Dylan says that she had wanted to share her side of the story for a long time. But, she says “After the Golden Globes, my brother Ronan showed immense bravery for standing up for the family and I realized it was my turn to stand up and to tell the truth.”

On Jan. 12, Ronan Tweeted, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?” 

Dylan says she knew the letter would draw “backlash.”

“I knew there were people saying I was a liar and that this was part of some smear campaign – some bitter vendetta of my mother’s,” she says. But, she adds, “I didn’t realize that it was going to be a betrayal of this magnitude.”

My Brother Has Broken My Heart’

That betrayal, she says, came when her brother Moses Farrow, 36, spoke out to PEOPLE this week. Moses, now a family therapist, says Allen never molested Dylan and that Mia poisoned the children against their father.

“My brother has broken my heart. Moses divorced himself from the family a long time ago. I always missed him. I loved him and I kept him in my thoughts. These lies – this betrayal – is unfathomable to me coming from a brother I loved and cherished and grew up with,” she said.

That Was Fast


Well that was fast … Charlie Sheen is threatening to destroy Ashton Kutcher — just hours after making peace with his “Two and a Half Men” replacement.

As we reported … Kutcher called out Charlie on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night for belittling him on Twitter, telling him to “shut the f**k up.”  Sheen got the point,  and made a public apology.

But Sheen tells us … when he did his mea culpa he hadn’t watched the Kimmel interview.  When Charlie got around to watching it he immediately blasted Kutcher, tweeting, “Dood, you ever tell me to shut the F*** up, EVER again, and I’ll put you on a hospital food diet for a year.”

Charlie says he has a warning for Ashton …  “Mind your tongue, junior.”

Charlie is a loonie!

Good Morning!


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