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Beyonce’s Hair Stuck The perfectionist Beyonce had a painful embarrassing celerbity moment. Beyonce was performing on the stage when Mrs Carter’s long curly hair was caught in the fan. She continued singing and her crew helped her overcome this. Seems like the tiny-miny pixie cut was a result of this hair tangle!

OK, that’s why she got her hair cut!

Throwback Thursday!


Grammy Hairstyles of the past!

Highlights From the Grammy’s

Well It certainly was Daft Punk’s night! Not only did they win Record of the Year and Album of the Year, but they also performed with Stevie Wonder!


Bey and Jay opened the show. Beyonce is one talented girl! No one even comes close to her! Sorry every other female singer!

Pink had me in awe! She showed amazing acrobatics. What a great performance! Taylor Swift sang her song about Jake Gyllenhaal. At some point I thought she was having a seizure and I was screaming from my chair “help her”but it turns out she  was head banging. It was a little weird.


Pharrell wore a Mountie Hat all night. I personally think he wanted to add 6 inches to his height so he could be as tall as his wife. Not a bad idea Pharrell.Kudos!


Madonna was there and joined in for Macklemore’s ” Same Love” She was so loaded with Botox that only her lips moved on her face. No judgement, she didn’t have one wrinkle! It works for her if she doesn’t mind a stiff face with no expression.


Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson performed with Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton. I’m just glad no one keed over during that performance. What are those guys 90 years old? I think that’s why they had Blake up there in case one of them needed help!


Lorde won ” Song of the Year” with Royals! Great song, but she should stick to her curly hair! I don’t care for it straight at all! un uh, nope, no sir.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

I saved the Best for last! How about Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performing Queenie Eye?? There are really no words! What a great song! They still got it!


What a great show! If you didn’t watch the Grammy’s I hope it was because you were in a coma!

Dont Forget about the Grammy’s!


The 56th Grammy Awards are this Sunday, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, so gather around the television and watch the spectacle of GIFs waiting to happen,  video mash-ups played live and iPod shuffle playlists come to live.

The Grammy Awards have become less about which trophy is destined for whose mom’s mantelpiece and more about the incredible performances that the producers can put together. This year the producers are using their super-powers for good and forcing The Beatles to reunite, making Metallica play with Lang Lang, Sara Bareilles to croon alongside Carole King and Robin Thicke to take his rightful place alongside Chicago. That alone means we will be parked on the couch watching the Grammys instead of Downton Abbey.

Well I don’t know about that… Thank Heavens for DVR’s!

You Will Not Want to miss the Grammy’s!


Beyonce and husband Jay Z will indeed perform at the 2014 Grammys next Sunday, Jan. 26. 

Other scheduled Grammys performers set to follow in their wake include Taylor SwiftLordeMacklemore & Ryan Lewis, Daft Punk, Paul McCartneyKaty Perry and Kendrick Lamar.

One more pop music royal expected at the Grammys? Madonna, who will reportedly provide guest vocals during one segment at next Sunday’s awards fest as well — although her name has not yet officially been posted among the night’s performers.

This is one show you want to watch or make sure you set that DVR, but don’t miss it!

Celebs That Took Their Wife’s Name….



Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) bucked tradition and hyphenated his last name with wife, Beyonce’s — he is now legally Shawn Knowles-Carter. The couple wanted to keep “Knowles” because Beyonce’s parents don’t have any sons.

Take That Target!


Beyonce is just full of surprises these days! The singer continued to celebrate the release of her self-titled, record-breaking, fifth studio album on Friday, Dec. 20 — with a trip to a Walmart store in a town called Tewksbury in Massachusetts

The songstress pushed her own cart up and down the aisles of the retailer and even purchased a copy of Beyonce. Dressed impeccably in an aqua-colored crop top and matching skirt, paired with a stylish black leather jacket, the singer walked into the store, beaming, as she looked over at a showcase of her latest solo album. (Physical copies of Beyonce went on sale in stores Friday, just one week after its secret, exclusive iTunes release.)

Every person on site received a $50 Walmart gift card from the global superstar, the store manager told Us. A total of 750 cards ($37,500 worth of gift cards purchased by Bey) were enclosed within envelopes that read, “Happy Holidays from Beyonce.”

You may have heard Target refused to sell Beyonce’s new music because it was delivered digitally 1st. Who do you think is the loser here? Target vs Beyonce…hmmm interesting since Target depends on sales and Beyonce’s new music is selling like Craaazzy!

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