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Couples Who Divorced After Appearing on Reality TV Together…


Dina Eastwood filmed her life for Mrs. Eastwood and Company about a year before she and husband Clint split after twenty years together.


Musical Celebrities


Did you know that Clint Eastwood is an accomplished pianist? Before he made it big as an actor, he reportedly intended to pursue a career in music. He’s also a skilled composer, and he composed the film scores of several of the movies he directed, including Million Dollar BabyMystic River,Changeling, and Hereafter.

I’d like to be at their Thanksgiving Table….


Clint Eastwood and Jonah Hill are now in-laws – the Oscar winner’s daughter, Francesca, married Hill’s brother Jordan Feldstein in Las Vegas last weekend. 

Clark County, Nev., issued a marriage license to Eastwood, 20, and Feldstein, who’s Maroon 5’s music manager, on Nov. 17.

Eastwood, whose mother is actress Frances Fisher, was most recently seen in stepmom Dina Eastwood‘s reality series Mrs. Eastwood & Company – which chronicled her relationship with then-boyfriend photographer Tyler Shield – and was the 2013 Miss Golden Globe

The couple have been keeping their nuptials quiet.

Yes, I guess real quiet!

Another Hollywood Passing


Veteran character actor Ed Lauter, whose long, angular face and stern bearing made him an instantly recognizable figure in scores of movies and TV shows during a career that stretched across five decades, died Wednesday. He was 74.

Lauter died of mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer most commonly caused by asbestos exposure,

He was in Trouble With the Curve in 2011 with Clint Eastwood and in Born on the Fourth of July with Tom Cruise. He was also in The New Centurions with George C. Scott and in My Blue HeavenRevenge of the Nerds 2 and Not Another Teenage Movie, among many other films.

TV appearances included The OfficeERMurder, She Wrote and The Rockford Files.

Among his favorite roles, he said in 2010, was The Longest Yard.

Lauter, who continued to work until a few months ago, had completed roles in several films still to be released.

When He was Young…


Clint Eastwood age 26.

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