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Jon Cryer’s Ex Shut Down By Judge!


Jon Cryer proved his ex-wife was delusional when she claimed he made $2 million a month from “Two and a Half Men.”  Fact is … he made way less than half that amount.

Jon submitted legal docs objecting to Sarah Trigger’s petition to up her child support from $8,000 to $88,000 a month … arguing the kid was humiliated at his fancy private school because he couldn’t keep up with the Kardashians.

The judge shut Sarah down … in part because Jon submitted an income declaration showing he earns $758,449 a month — $600K is from the show, and the rest is from investments and such.

And this is interesting.  Jon also listed his expenses.  He shells out $7,700 in entertainment, $3,800 in car expenses, $1,000 in groceries, $3,300 for child care and $4,000 for tuition … and those are MONTHLY expenses.  $4 grand a month for tuition … sheesh.

Now get this … Jon doesn’t eat out a lot.  Total monthly expense — $44.

I’m not too sure about this…… He only makes about 250,000 an episode? I think he is more valuable than that!


Fake Hair


Hair-raising revelation! While sitting across from Conan O’Brien‘s coiffed red hair, Jon Cryer made a confession about his own follicular situation during an appearance on Conan Monday, Nov. 11.

While reminiscing about his “spectacular mane of unruly wonderfulness” in the 1986 romantic comedy Pretty in Pink (he starred opposite Molly Ringwald), the 48-year-old actor revealed that his hair is “gone now.”


“This is an elaborate illusion,” the Two and a Half Men star said pointing to the top of his head. “This is the work of several talented professionals making the most of like four hairs. It’s amazing, actually, what they can do. I’m not wearing a piece — or anything like that — but it’s a long involved process that starts with stuff like shoe polish, basically, that they coat the top.”


“They basically just paint — they get a roller type thing — and just whoosh along the top,” Cryer described while demonstrating painting his head. “You have to decide if you’re going to go full [JohnTravolta and get the full front in,” he joked of the 59-year-old actor’s famous widow’s peak. “And then they literally sprinkle powder in from a salt shaker. So this is, like I said, four or five hairs.”

What happens if he gets caught in the rain?

“You’re out of luck,” Cryer said with a laugh. “It flattens out and you can get the nice little rivulets going down. But thankfully, your eyebrows will channel down the side.”

Hollywood makeup people can do almost anything!

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