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Embarrassing Moments!


Ashlee Simpson never really lived down her 2004 Saturday Night Live lip syncing incident.

Her career was actually ruined because of this. Maybe because she wasn’t that talented to begin with.

That’s What Happens When to Try to Fool People!


Oh no! Selena hit some serious sound issues while performing at Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Dec. 6, and while her mic cut out and revealed that she was lip-syncing, it did NOT cut out when she yelled a profanity. Poor Selena!

It’s safe to say that KIIS FM Jingle Ball in LA on Dec. 6 did not go as Selena Gomez planned. Not only was she caught lip-syncing, but the “Come & Get It” singer also alienated the 20,000 fans in attendance by dropping a very audible F-bomb.


The audio malfunctions started towards the end of Selena’s Jingle Ball set, an eyewitness says. It became clear that something was up when Selena ripped out her in-ear monitors (which allow performers to hear themselves sing) and tried to go on without them.

She couldn’t, unfortunately. Selena went from “visibly angry to verbally angry,” the eyewitness says, when her microphone went live — something that’s not supposed to happen if you’re lip-syncing — and she was then heard clearly yelling, “What the f**k?”

The painful, awkward incidengot worse, and the eyewitness says that it began to resemble Ashlee Simpson‘s embarrassing lip-syncing incident on SNL – it was blatantly obvious that Selena was lip-syncing, and that she couldn’t go on with the show until her backing tracks were fixed. The stage went dark, and Selena briefly walked off.

Ashlee Simpson’s career was ruined when this happened. ( plus she really wasn’t very good so one wrong move and she was done!)

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