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Mariah Hated American Idol


Mariah Carey didn’t hold back when asked about her time as a judge on American Idol admitting, “Honestly, I hated it.” 

The singer, who butted heads with fellow judge Nicki Minaj on the most recent season of the reality show, told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, that the experience wasn’t at all what she thought it would be like when she signed on.

“I thought it was going to be a three-person panel,” she admitted, thinking she’d have fun working with her longtime friend Randy Jackson. “But it wasn’t that.”

Carey continued: “It was like going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

Carey then put a gloved hand over her eyes and laughed. “I’m just playing. It didn’t affect me that much,” she continued. “I was disappointed.”

Well, the rest of us enjoyed the two of you with your backs to each other all season. That was fun!

Steamy Affair?



Zac Efron25, and Nicki Minaj 30, have been making headlines lately — but this is the first one where they’ve been linked together — and were reportedly having a steamy sex affair, at that! 

Are Zac and Nicki Hollywood’s latest secret hookup? It appears so, in a new report that claims they had sex in July!

“Zac and Nicki shared a steamy night together. Nicki took Zac to her house in West Hollywood. She said he was the best lover she’s ever had,”

Wow! Talk about an explosive report. If it’s true, we wonder if it was a one-time affair — and if it happened in the throes of Zac’s alleged drug addiction?

Zac Efron has had a rough time lately with his alleged drug addiction — but, um — at least in this report, he’s noted to be an allegedly great lover?

Maybe that’s why Zac thought it was time for rehab!

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